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Microblading Brows


Natural Look

Our artists use this technique to give our clients the natural look on their eyebrows and you cannot tell the difference between microbladed eyebrows and natural eyebrows.

Long Lasting Result

This process offers amazing results. You only need to get your microbladed eyebrows touchup once every two to three years when needed. The microbladed eyebrows retain their shape and size for a long time.


Unlike makeup, microbladed eyebrows are waterproof. You are free of worries by get smudged or distorted by sweats and water.

Painless and Safe

Microblading eyebrow procedures is completely safe and painless for creating natural-looking semi-permanent eyebrows. The process does not have any side effects. It is perfect for people who have lost their eyebrows due to an illness or chemotherapy.

Microblading Brows - 350.00+

Microblading Brows Touch-Up - 150.00+

Eyebrow Microshading - 250.00+

Eyebrow Microshading Touch-Up - 150.00+

Permanent Eyeliner - 150.00+

Permanent Eyeliner Touch-Up - 100.00+